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Posted by April 3, 2023

This device has a number of differences in functionality In addition to being smaller and cheaper the recorder has a reducenumber of options. Unlike the server it: Can only record and view video. Cannot conduct complex data analytics. Doesn’t handle large volumes well. Does not know how to work with a huge number of cameras. It does not cope well with highresolution pictures and a large number of fps. Its advantage in addition to its low price and low weight is ease of maintenance and adjustment. The video server storage is much more reliable than the registrar there is a camera distribution system. Such equipment has fault tolerance.

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In addition to recording and viewing it can also store data. Servers are capable of scaling images in good quality are completely autonomous in service and have integration. You can manage them using a special business application. How to choose First of all when choosing a video server you should pay attention to the characteristics. To do this first find out: How France Email List many cameras will be serveby this equipment. What image quality is needefor two streams: main and second. What bitrate and codec are suitable. Do you neevideo analytics? If so how difficult should it be? How many seats are needefor online recording monitoring. How long do you want to keep records. Baseon these data select the appropriate processor motherboard. Calculate the number of power supplies for optimal power supply. If necessary select an uninterruptible.

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Decide if you neea fast SSD or an HDD is enough. The amount of device memory is determineby the amount of data to be store. The higher the timing the more memory will be neede. The quality of the network card BLB Directory affects how fast the stream will be processe. The higher the data rate the higher the quality. Even the simplest video card will do the main thing is that it is not integrate. The remaining components are selectebaseon the selecteiron. See if you neemotion sensors or other additional devices. Video surveillance servers are purchasefor processing recording storing and analyzing data from cameras.

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