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Posted by March 22, 2023

Each such diagram is simple and understandable to all participants in the process – from the teller to the credit commissioner. It is built as if from blocks from ready-made business applications accumulatdin the bank’s arsenal over the entire period of its activity Fig. And only if some cube is missing you can use technical support – set a task for the IT department. Rice. Sample diagram Of course at the initial stage such requests to IT specialists will be enough but over time business units will receive applications for all occasions and then the role of IT will be minimizdand the process of building application routes will literally take minutes.

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Management can monitor work processes in real time evaluate the effectiveness of employees and departments of the organization quickly respond to situations that threaten to go beyond the regulations or even anticipate them. All this is again thanks to the BPM platform which allows you to accumulate business logic from IT systems leaving only Cabo Verde Email List the functions of accounting and data storage in them. The system records the execution of each step collects and analyzes statistics and calculates key indicators. Basdon this information management if necessary decides to intervene in the business process – for example add additional resources to complex areas or exclude unnecessary links from coordination etc. Using the statistics accumulatdin the system log the bank can improve any process and do it with known quality eliminating wrong optimization decisions.

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To do this BPM provides him with another useful opportunity – to simulate the expectdchanges in the scenario of the passage of the application and evaluate how they will affect the overall result. Suppose that BLB Directory in the scenario usdfor considering a client’s application several checks are sequentially usdindependent of each other for example we are talking about obtaining data from the CBI PFR FSSP and the Federal Tax Service Fig. Having discoverdthis you can create a copy of the combat scheme and experiment in it – set up parallel execution of such checks Fig. Obviously such modernization will give tangible time savings.