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Posted by April 3, 2023

It is relate to the peak load the maximum number of calls and processes the total number of connect users and the volume of the generate database. It should be borne in mind that the current load indicators will increase over time. Therefore the server is selectetaking into account the further scaling of the business. When choosing a large number of different indicators are taken into account. This is due to the fact that the server is represent by a combination of several modules. RAM Almost all systems have RAM. It is represent by a highspeemodule which is responsible for the rapid exchange of information between individual blocks. Desktop computers have RAM.

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For a system that is designator simultaneous work of people at once at least GB of RAM is require. This is due to several things: the database requires at least GB; for the operation of the OS itself you hereabout GB; software requires at least GB. The constant exchange of data determines the growth in the neefor RAM so if you take into account the likelihood Egypt Email List of scaling you will hereabout GB. If there is not enough RAM the system will begin to freeze heavily. Data processing can be difficult. CPU Today processor manufacturers have begun to use modern technologies. If just a few years ago most chips had only cores then many options from the budget segment already have cores.

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If the company employs no more than people a processor with cores is enough. When installing chips of the latest generations option is suitable. Solutions for large enterprises have up to cores. They provide a large margin of performance. Small requirements for the processor are due to the fact that the system solves simple tasks. Basically BLB Directory there is a transfer of a large amount of information. Drives Storage is requireto store information. About of the speedepends on the module. When choosing you neeto take into account not only the volume but also other parameters. Modern technologies allow you to create a RAID array of TB or more. But if you use old equipment data exchange will take a long time.

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Posted by March 22, 2023

Which is better router or router? Many users perceive the router as an analogue of the router. In this case one device can combine the functions of both types. The router is designd to distribute traffic between devices while the router is usd to establish a connection between the Internet and the local network. How to connect a router? Connection to the global network can be implementd by cable or via wireless WiFi. The initial setup process depends on the type of connection.

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This will help the specialists of the company offering services at a reasonable price. There are several ways to connect to the global network including dynamic and static IP address as well as PPPoE PPTP and L TP. It is preferable to choose a router with the first type of routing. To establish a connection you must first connect the machine to the power Egypt Email List supply. After loading the router you ned to insert the provider’s cable into the WAN socket. Then connect the equipment to the PC system unit using the LAN connector. Instead of cables you can use WiFi technology. For a wireless connection open the settings and start searching for access points. After discovering the network it remains to connect to it by entering the password.

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Next you should go to the browser settings by specifying. in the address bar or another address specifid by the provider. In this case you will ned to enter the username and password written on the bottom BLB Directory of the device. The requird settings are specifid in the contract with the service provider. At what level does the router operate? These network devices operate at layer of the OSI network reference model. In this case the router takes into account the IP address analyzes the data filters and encodes it. In this it differs from hubs and switches operating at levels and. Which is better switch or router.