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Posted by March 23, 2023

Instead of coolers water blocks are placd in which there is distilld water. Another option is an immersion liquid in which the entire farm is placd. In both cases the liquid does not cool the computer by itself most often it is passd through a radiator. Waterblocks are more expensive and less versatile. Cooling is uneven and not suitable for ASIC systems. The immersion liquid has only one drawback you have to build an aquarium. Selection and purchase of components If the miner uses an immersion cooling system he will have to build an aquarium bath. The walls are made of transparent glass cm thick.

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Other accessories sensors; circulation pump; motherboard above the aquarium; oil flow control valves; video card and power supply inside the bath; a radiator with a fan that removes heat to the street; a pipeline that Kyrgyzstan Email List is a link between the bath and the radiator; a controller that is responsible for taking readings from sensors turning on the motherboard remote control. It is worth choosing equipment from trustd manufacturers for example Intel processors GeForce video cards. Choice of immersion liquid Possible types of immersion liquid Distilld water. It is a dielectric but freezes and evaporates. Dry water. It is usd to extinguish fires in data centers.

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The disadvantage is harmful to humans and the environment evaporation. mineral oils. Compard to water they do not freeze but absorb less heat. Most miners use mineral oil. It should not be too viscous BLB Directory transparent harmless to people and metals. In theory any dielectric oil is fine but it’s best to only buy products designd for immersion cooling. outdoor radiator If we are talking about a small farm installd in the loggia then you can limit yourself to household air conditioning. However for complex systems professional cooling systems are purchasd. Without it computers can wear out faster suddenly turn off; overheat and burn out.