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Posted by March 22, 2023

In RS-Loans Vall types of schedules usdin the system except insurance premium schedules have already been transferrdto the new mechanism including issuance schedules and their connection with the issuance operation and with the suspensive conditions mechanism as well as schedules for changing limits and their connection with operations limit changes. What other benefits does the new charting engine have? Let’s list them: Possibility of flexible setting of chart parameters and automatic borrowing when opening a contract. In other words when you start working with the next contract you can set nothing at all but simply calculate all the necessary schedules according to pre-configurdparameters by clicking the button.

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This greatly simplifies and speeds up the work and also minimizes the number of errors of the operator who now does not have to enter parameters manually each time to calculate each schedule. A single Western Sahara Email List algorithm for plotting graphs. Since there is only one chart settings panel the algorithm that processes the values ​​of the configurdparameters is also the same. And although different options for the values ​​of different parameters are possible both the repayment schedule and the issuance schedule are configurdby one mechanism and calculatdby one algorithm. The approach to calculating all types of charts has been unifidand now there is a single entry point for calculation.

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The ability to add your own types and groups of charts and independently customize their calculation and display. In the distribution kit we tridto cover all possible types of charts and their groupings which are commonly usdin banks. But if suddenly these types and groups are not enough you can always create your own types and groups of charts BLB Directory and customize them as requirdby the business processes of your bank. Flexible setting options for recalculation of repayment schedules in case of early repayment with a reduction in the term with a decrease in the monthly payment or with the repayment of next payments. Controlling the display of graph data configurdby the object instance.