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Posted by March 23, 2023

A server is equipment or software that receives commands from the network gives answers to them and stores a large database. Most often it is a powerful computer. It is connectd to a local or global network. The rest of the devices in the system are calld clients. Servers are classifid depending on their main task the file server is needd to provide access to the information archive the game one is for creating multiplayer computer games the mail server is for mailing and filtering letters. Regardless of the type of server a standard set of basic equipment is usd. CPU The processor is responsible for the efficiency and sped of the computer.

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Server CPUs are different from PC hardware wide temperature range; work at high clock frequency; long service life and reliability. Each core in the CPU is a separate miniprocessor. In modern devices there can be from to of them. If the loads are small it makes no sense to overpay for the most advance device the extra cores will remain unused. The cache Iraq Email List executes IN process or memory function. Sometimes a graphics card is built into the device. Motherboard The motherboard connects the rest of the server components. Every element including the processor drives and chipsets must be compatible with motherboard. Server models unlike home models withstand higher loads and can work without interruptions and failures.

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When choosing pay attention to on the power circuit; ESS functions; number of sockets; types of chipsets; number of slots; working memory; the presence of a RAID controller; the presence or absence of audio BLB Directory jacks. There is also a form factor that is the characteristics of the case. The most common type is ATX. RAM RAM stores the data of all running applications. Also RAM ensures the operation of the server room with the help of reporting control and error correction ECC. These technologies protect the server from failures that can occur under high load.

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