That’s the basics of what you’re seeing

A longer message is pasted before finally clicking the submit button. Google Tag Manager good tells us a few other very useful things besides watching the actual video. One of them is the session information on the right. So that tells me this guy was in the United States and this was recorded on the day of the month. This is very helpful. When you make changes to your website and go back and watch the video you will notice something doesn’t fit this may be because you made changes to your website. So it’s very helpful to know the date and time what kind of monitor the person is using which is usually good to know because sometimes you get complaints from people about bugs and they will show up slightly differently on a specific size monitor due to responsive design . because.

It’s important to know what display

Size someone is using and what browser Kazakhstan Telemarketing Data version they are using and sometimes what operating system they are using. But you will find some browser-specific bugs especially when you use. You know it can change a lot from one browser to another. So this is great information to know. It would be nice to know who referred this person to your site. This person came in via This is pretty typical for our site. On the right side if you click this button it will also show you the actions they took. So all these little white spots here correspond to that. Powerful feedback collection So this tells you where on the page someone clicked. This is helpful for your development team. There is some kind of bug.

Telemarketing Data

Something isn’t working properly

You can tell them specifically which element on Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List the page someone was trying to use. If I had a problem now one of the things you’ll notice over a period of time is that a lot of user recordings will accumulate and I actually removed a lot of user recordings from the list before I showed it to you guys but the list of recordings you have here is going to be quite long. . It’s not really helpful or even possible to watch every one of them. If you have a paid subscription you can filter this content which I highly recommend you do. But you will be given a lot of information here about what may or may not be of interest to you. Now when we run a campaign we usually focus on viewing certain pages. The landing page here is going to tell me where people are coming in and out of the page.

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