This was the last page they viewed

Tell me where people left off This was the first page they view. You can also filter by searching and clicking on visit pages. If someone visits six or seven different pages you may be interest in the fourth or fifth page rather than the landing and exit pages. So that would be helpful. Generally we like to use it as a bug finding tool. So we look at users who view multiple pages and stay on their site for more than a minute. But we find that if they spend more than or minutes on our site it’s probably not very relevant. I would say that most people who come to our website and fill out the form do it within five minutes. Some of them will only go through a few pages.

It might go through four pages five or six

When I start seeing people turning the pages. LOL I kind of wonder Kenya Telemarketing Data what happen there. Some people just but I can tell you on our site they tend to have poor conversion rates. As far as there are relevant scores here. I’m not too confident about this I think it tends to be highly relevant to people who spend a long time on your site and take a lot of actions. We found that this is not always the case and there is a certain sweet spot. The most relevant things for us are when errors occur or when we see the path people take to convert. Unfortunately conversion is not consider here. There’s actually not even a real mechanism to know when someone converts it’s really just a record but it’s not like it’s going to track.

Telemarketing Data

The code is put into the form and record

The conversion actually occurr. So this list is going India WhatsApp Number List to get really long. The Conversion Funnel Report I recommend being cautious about what you watch and what you skip. So the last thing I want to introduce to you is heat maps. So let’s go to the heat map page. Just letting you know there have been recent improvements to the way it works and today is the day of the month. I would say they modifi this maybe three or four weeks ago shortly before Thanksgiving. So this works a little bit differently. Continuous heatmaps will now be record automatically. So you can look at the list and see which page on the website you want to look at to get the heat map I’m going to look at our home page first. Now this is going to take some time to build up. You can see we start with month day like this.

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