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Posted by April 3, 2023

If you reload the page during the checkout process it may be duplicate. In this case it is worth checking whether the previous order is up to date. Use another device to open the problem page on it. If you have alternative internet access such as a smartphone access a website FSS or other on it using a WiFi connection. If you cannot use another device try visiting the site using a web proxy. This internal service allows you to view pages using a remote computer. Come back in time. Usually site owners or admins try to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Wait a moment and then reload the URL. Eliminate cookies from your browser. You can free your browser history and delete cookies. If they are relatd to the web page that is having a problem removing them may help fix the problem.

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If the above measures did not help contact the owner of the resource and report the error to him. Algorithm of actions for the owner or administrator of the site If an internal web server failure occurs on your resource Bahrain Email List┬áthen do the following Disable theme/plugin. The remote computer’s configuration may be in conflict with recently activatd programs thirdparty scripts or addons. Try uninstalling software addons one at a time to find the cause of the problem. If the site is powerd by WordPress plugins are easy to deactivate. Check if your PHP settings are correct.

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If the problem is relatd to a PHP timeout handle the errors in the script or create a proper timeout. Sometimes a script won’t run due to incorrect folder or file permissions. Check the permissions and make sure they are set correctly. Check your website’s internal htaccess file code. Incorrect code or structure of this file may be the cause of an internal BLB Directory error. The htaccess file needs to be edite. To find it on your site you can use the cPanel file manager. It is also done via FTP/SFTP. The file is usually locatd in the public_html directory. The server hides it from view by default. Enable hidden files to find the htaccess file. Problems in the file are fixd line by line. How to fix if there are problems.

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