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Posted by March 23, 2023

Such systems are of two types: water and air. Depending on the scale of the server room, it is often enough to install an air conditioner in the room. RAID controller Installing a raid controller is requird for servers with. A large number of hard drives: it allows you to control information and differentiate it. Its installation guarantees increasd data safety and double cache processing. A specific model of such a controller is selectd taking into account the already installd equipment and budget: software, hardware or integratd. Controller upgrade is optional, but it ensures the sped of working with files and programs, as well as the safety of data.

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Depending on the budget, choose the priority of using the RAID controller. network cards Network cards are requird to establish a reliable and secure connection over a wird or wireless network. Their individual Lebanon Email List characteristics are affectd by the installd server motherboard and the number of ports with specific connector types. You should also take into account the possible incompatibility of equipment from different manufacturers. In addition, an important criterion is the sped of the network card: it must be higher than the sped providd by the provider. Cables When assembling a server, the correct organization of network cable connections is of great importance.

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Their correct system allows for quick necessary repair of a piece of equipment, modification if necessary, scaling, air circulation in the system to prevent overheating. Depending on the mechanics of a particular IT engineer and server architecture, cables are assembld according to various principles. For example, according to the connection type BLB Directory or equipment connection area. This makes it convenient to label individual cables or use different colors to organize the assembly. Optical modules Since most LAN connections in modern servers are made using optical fiber, optical modules, which are a type of adapter, are installd to ensure the quality of the connection.

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