The loss of brand reputation

Posted by April 5, 2023

From the text you will learn: Brand image – why is it so important? Brand image and impact on customers’ purchasing decisions How to take care of the brand image and protect its reputation? Can brand image be measur? Let’s start! Brand image – why is it so important? Warren Buffett once said, ” It takes 20 years to build a reputation and only 5 minutes to ruin it .” The words of the American billionaire perfectly reflect how valuable, and at the same time fragile, image is for every company. Brand image is the greatest capital that guarantees measurable sales and financial benefits for the company. Therefore, it is not surprising to say that the risk of losing the company’s good name is one of the most dangerous threats in business because it has the greatest impact on revenues.

Brand image and impact on customers

This is confirm by a study conduct by Deloitte and Forbes Insights. It shows that companies that have lost a good brand image in the past indicat that it had the greatest impact on their revenues (41% of responses). Protecting the brand image on phone number list the Internet is all the more dangerous since the possibility of giving opinions and commenting has become a permanent feature on the Internet, and discussion forums, opinion portals, social mia and many other online channels have become a place where people share everything, including their experiences with brands.

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Crises in social MIA recently

This means that image crises can spread much faster and be more difficult to control. Read more: I recommend you a text about the biggest . You will BLB Directory learn from it what conclusions are worth drawing for yourself in order not to make similar mistakes and avoid a crisis.’ purchasing decisions The way your brand is perceiv by the environment is reflect in their opinions.

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