The number of questions in survey

Creating online surveys can be even faster because the tool has a ready-made library of survey templates divid into categories. You will find both universal questionnaires, but also more specializ ones. Of course, you can create your own survey template and adjust the questions to your nes. They can be in the form of text, graphics or charts. and their type depends only on you, so there is a lot of scope. Google tools Speaking of tools for insights, it is hard to omit the good Google. It has several solutions in its arsenal that help identify customer nes and best of all – all of them are completely free! Google Analytics A basic tool in every company.

What insights can you find

Which probably nes no introduction. Google Analytics analyzes website traffic while providing a large range of data, including about users who visit you online. about customers in Google Analytics? There’s quite a lot of it: which subpages are visit most database often; when are they most active; what are their demographics; what devices they use; from what sources they come to your website (social mia, organic, direct, paid ads, etc.) and a lot more. PRO TIP: With Google Analytics, you can check user engagement by measuring the depth of scrolling on the page.


Certainly much less detail

The mechanism and data presentation are of course different and, but I want to draw your attention to the fact that such analyzes are possible. You BLB Directory can learn all about it in Google’s materials on rules bas on scrolling depth . Google Polls An alternative to SurveyMonkey, although certainly not as extensive, but free. Thanks to Google Forms, you can quickly create simple surveys that you can personalize by adding a brand logo or colors.

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