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Drought, how does it affect the atmosphere? The rains drag the pollution present in the atmosphere and serves as a palliative to this ongoing problem. However, with a lack of precipitation, all pollutants become trappe within the stable atmosphere over urban areas. The problem of photochemical smog It is an inconvenience that affects large cities and its process is very complex, since several chemical compounds are involve. The pollutants from which photochemical smog is forme are nitrogen oxides and some light.

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That have not been burne or that have been release into the atmosphere by vehicles after partial burning. The intervention Bulk SMS Kuwait of sunlight is also necessary. In general, 3 requirements are neee for its formation: important traffic. Sun and heat. Atmospheric stability, that is, little movement of air masses over the urban area.

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As a result of these chemical reactions, ozone, nitric acid, nitrogen oxides , hydrogen peroxide, nitrateacetyl peroxide BLB Directory and organic compounds that are partially oxidize are produce . This mixture of components, with an orange “beret” appearance, is irritating, harmful and toxic to health. It is the cause of rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, allergies or pneumonia. In addition, it irritates the eyes, the respiratory system and limits visibility.


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