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The cities with the worst air quality. 1. MADRID. It is an endemic problem in the city. For many years it has dragge a layer of atmospheric dirt that covers it, practically constantly. However, it is one of the few cities that have a protocol to act during episodes of high pollution, in force since February 2016. Without a doubt, an example that other cities should follow.

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This city is at the forefront of nitrogen dioxide emissions. In addition to also exceeing the permitte limit for the emission Bulk SMS Oman of particles of less than 10 microns in size ( PM10 ). 2. BARCELONA. Although it also excees the limits establishe for the emission of nitrogen dioxide (200 mcgr), its main problem is PM10 particles . However, despite frequently exceeing the permitte levels.

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This city does not notify its citizens and only restricts traffic on certain occasions, as a palliative measure during episodes of very BLB Directory high pollution. 3. ZARAGOZA. It is a city that has always had good air quality. But it is another of the urban areas that excee the permitte limits, both for nitrogen dioxide and for PM10 particles . Its city council has not applie any preventive measures.


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