These are great branding opportunities

They are present on virtually every page of an e-commerce website. as they can include your logo, brand colors and maybe even some brand typography. When you view headers and footers you have to view them on both desktop and mobile devices. These are crucial for navigation. So we need to make sure they are done right which means not too big and not too small. On mobile you’ll want to make sure the links are spaced far enough apart for people with larger fingers. Let’s look at some examples. A very good example of a title is. Here this is our title. That’s what we’re looking at. Let’s click here. As I mentioned you can see their logo they have some brand typography here.

They already have colors and they even

Placed some products that you can see in the Denmark Telemarketing Data drop down list. That’s a pretty good pitch here. Now on the home page it’s transparent when you load it. But as you scroll down the page you start to see there’s a purple transparency here. It looks like things in the background are a little blurry. But again yellow purple and green are their brand colors. This is pretty common when you scroll down the page they selected and they chose to do a sticky header here which is great. I like that very much. When you view this content on one of the other pages, most pages on e-commerce sites that are not on the homepage have a white background. So it looks like they did some purple on top of this to see if we can.

Telemarketing Data

So this is white they just do the background

The title here and the purple bar with Latvia Phone Number List the yellow on top. I should say it looks stable on another page or something. But it’s a very nice deal for the desktop version. Let’s take a look at the mobile version here. As you can see here the navigation elements are bundled into this hamburger icon which I think is quite common. Website Design Review When it popped up it had some big stuff in it. But you’ll notice that the store name itself doesn’t take up a lot of vertical space. This is very useful. Because usually when we view content on mobile devices we want to utilize as much space as possible. This is a very tall device. We usually do it when you’re watching something on a mobile device.

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