Your e-commerce website might look a little

They are very tall. So you don’t want your logo to start taking up a bunch of vertical real estate and knock all that stuff down. But once you open the menu you can zoom in a little bit which is really helpful in helping people understand priorities. This is a very good example. like this in comparison. If you haven’t redesigned it yet you’ll notice that this header takes up more vertical space. The reason is that this person designed their logo square. I know we are talking about e-commerce website design and not a logo. But one thing to focus on or consider is when you’re designing a logo especially if most of your content is going to be online because you want it to be in a horizontal orientation instead of.

Works well only vertically

If you look at the logo their logo is not very Dominican Republic Telemarketing Data tall but wider. So you can see this is pretty big. You can also read the name very, very clearly and they’ve shrunk the name to make the illustration of the glove a little bigger. It would serve them better if you could see a larger company name on the table. Now look what happens when I use my phone. It shrinks. It takes up more vertical space than a logo. Beyond that it’s more difficult to read. It just doesn’t get you free global shipping that’s bigger than the company’s name. So I would say this is a good example of what it looks like where they’re kind of hidden here. This is not by design.

Telemarketing Data

It’s really cool but these are some

The things you want to look at when you’re watching Lebanon Phone Number List this oh I forgot to add let’s look at the footer. So let’s make sure the footer isn’t that bad which is pretty standard except I’m going to get rid of these payment logos. I think this totally gives away that you haven’t done a lot of design work on your website. Let’s take a look. Okay so it’s pretty clear what all this stuff is. They are well organized and do have some payment signs here but at least they are a bit grayed out. on mobile devices. So we’re going to scroll down here. So everything stacks up and it’s pretty much what I think you’d expect. All in all these are very clear examples of what you want from headers and footers Maybe you don’t.

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