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By the time we scroll down the page, okay, the user has reached here. The user has reached here. Look, before we clicked, we had actually scrolled down to the third block. I’d say that’s great. Over the last few weeks or month we’ve rearranged the blocks on the homepage to at least make it visible to more customers. Okay this is the banner. Here is some marketing text and our services. We want them to watch the video because some people would rather watch a video than read and have some case studies to make us look good. These are very intuitive. of rapid growth so I think we can get a lot of people to at least get this far and then see that we’re already working with some solid customers which is great. But it’s an overall strategy.

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Spend a lot of time looking at our homepage what Lebanon Telemarketing Data do we want them to see first so it looks like it’s successful. Most of our users will at least get here and then they’ll probably scroll up and click something in the navigation or they’ll click something here. But our other users I think it’s very, very typical that users will just scroll down the page and get to the end and then decide if there’s anything that I think is relevant or something that I want to see a little bit more and I’d say that’s three of our pages Two out of two of our users have reached this point and I’d say that’s pretty good. Because we have a very, very long page. Like I said I think if the user has already completed this step then they are in good hands.

Telemarketing Data

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I expected there would be another 3 or less drops to get to Japan WhatsApp Number List the bottom of the page. But it’s actually nice to have it placed so long at the bottom. The page to allow users to do so before leaving or just going to other pages of the site. So just look at your page and see how far people. Have gone if they only made it this far do. I want to show information above the page that I think is more relevant and let. Them read that would be helpful I can tell you for us it does in this way. Very literally. This is our homepage. If you want to view other pages on the site you can click Show More here For example if you have multiple ads targeting prom dresses you may want to create a separate ad group labeled Prom. You will add.

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