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Is how search engine optimization works. But we’re looking around at clicks. But that’s not the only thing a heat map shows you that you can view on your desktop as well as on your mobile device. User Hot Can click on our menu icon but it’s not showing me the expanded state. While this could be something people click on in the expanded state I’m not sure it looks like they’re clicking on it. But you can see it will show up to you on mobile devices as well. One important thing to note is that there is a little icon here on the desktop that shows your movement. This will show the user hovering over things and moving the mouse. When you watch the recording you will see that people often do this with just a little movement of the mouse. Why are they doing it maybe they’re thinking about something sometimes people will highlight what they’re reading and then proceed like this. I think we’ve seen quite a bit of that. In our record.

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The reason is that there is no mouse on Latvia Telemarketing Data mobile devices. So there is no hovering and no mass movement. This is very subtle. But it’s easy to miss it if you’re not used to working on a website. That’s all clicks and mouse movements. But my favorite is the scrolling. This shows me how far users are on my page. Now apparently everyone who visits my website will see the very bottom of the page and I’m not sure lol who didn’t get here. But what this tells me is that different users have different screen sizes or should I say different monitor sizes some monitors are very wide but not very tall. So many users will see this browser tab on almost any monitor that loads a web page.

Telemarketing Data

The and bar and any kind of shortcuts

That people have take up some small amount Italy WhatsApp Number List of space. So cut the top off a little bit. So if the user has a very wide monitor it will be very short. Some users prefer a square monitor because it is wide. So they’ll see more content loaded into the page here. It gives me an average fold equity. I don’t know if I would take this with a grain of salt because if it’s average it means some users are seeing more of this here. Downloading the session recording I think this is unlikely as it would make their monitor vertical. Although I’ve seen developers place the monitor vertically. But I don’t think that happens a lot. This is very common. But we can watch.

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