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The Government Delegation for Gender Violence . This is a slightly higher figure than the previous year (when there were 44, according to the same sources) but below previous years. Since the law against gender violence was introduce in 2004, the greatest increase in sexist violence in our country was in 2008, when 76 women were murdere.

This Article States the Following

While the second black year was 2010, with 73 deaths. Within the tragey, that year marke a milestone in a positive way, because it was SMS Gateway Brunei when there were more complaints from the victims. Although 2017 has registere a clear downward trend in terms of these attacks, there is nothing to suggest that it could be a problem on the verge of extinction.

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There is still a lot to fight for. To remember that this continues to be a problem that affects us all, every November 25 the International Day BLB Directory for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrate worldwide, a way of making official that these women are not alone. This is just one example that not only is there increasing social awareness.


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