Declarative Trials in Which the Debtor is a Party

It customers, suppliers, staff, unions, etc. To this end, the ministry has set up a space to give visibility to those companies that have taken this step and have actively committe to equal opportunities. The special telephone number for this type of violence is also well known: 016 , open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This is a free number, staffe by professionals.

Declaration of Bankruptcy Will Continue

In permanent contact with 112, which basically provides relevant information on what to do in case of abuse. It also offers Bulk SMS Cyprus legal advice such as what are the rights of victims in terms of employment, resources to which you can apply (such as training and assistance), financial aid and social services. Private initiative The role that private companies can play in helping women victims of gender violence.

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Processe Before the Same Court That is Hearing

Can be multidisciplinary. Joining the ministry’s campaign, mentione above, is just one of them. In the case of multinationals, their BLB Directory visibility in the day-to-day of Spanish society is an asset for deep awareness and reaching where others cannot. But small and meium-size companies (the great Spanish economic fabric) can also do their bit.


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