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 From being a tested approach to a truly rooted strategy . Storytelling and sales The use of corporate storytelling in marketing is essential. And what about sales? Also! As part of a corporate strategy based on storytelling, it is essential that the sales department also uses the same story in daily conversations with potential customers. The storyline must be the protagonist in every phase of the buyer’s journey , in any exchange of messages and correspondence: chat, email, telephone, presentations. Why is it very important to know how to stand out in the eyes of potential customers?

Sales knows that it

Comes into play at a very advanced stage of the purchasing process, where marketing has already prepared the contact who, convinced, is one step away from making the decision. It is very likely that at this stage there are other negotiations underway with competing companies, which is why corporate storytelling could be the lever to adjust Business Email List strategy completely convince the potential customer, bringing them closer from an emotional and emotional point of view: ultimately, they will be the story , personal experiences and people-to-people dialogue to convince them.

Storytelling and customer service

he same approach used by sales can be attributed to customer service. The status of customer does not exclude the definition of a loyalty strategy, which continuously improves the relationship with him: it is essential enter the BLB Directory hearts to continue to win the hearts of people – or companies – even if they have already been acquired. Customers, in fact, are natural brand ambassadors of partners with whom they collaborate and enable new and challenging business opportunities to be achieved.

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