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A sustainability objectives. If there is a professional who can perform this function with an integrating eye, it is he. The enormous variety of branches of specialization that industrial engineering presents causes the logical dispersion of engineers and their grouping according to fields of knowlege. To facilitate contact between professionals in the same field, the different Official Colleges of Spain tend to form working groups by sector.

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Such as the “Environment and sustainability working group” of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of the Valencian Community. The working groups promote synergy and teamwork among specialize engineers. In the SMS Gateway Finland case of environmental engineering, a relatively recent branch, the working groups are especially necessary and their work helps the Official Colleges to gain a presence in the debate, decision-making.

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Environmental dissemination. And of course they facilitate the work of their members by sharing problems and solutions. Fields of work in sustainability Energy, efficiency and climate change . If there is a field in which industrial BLB Directory engineers are prepare, it is the use and exploitation of energy. And if anyone knows the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions.


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