Unfortunately it’s very common I guess

Stuff it definitely doesn’t have a good image. Also when I click here and check it on mobile it’s not responsive. So when I talk about desktop banners being wide and mobile banners being tall they should have a different version served on mobile devices or should be responsive in some way. But not this one. So instead of the greatest banner let’s look at no banner. There are some pictures of products below without text. These are mistakes I see all the time in stores. these guys wireless chargers for phones but there isn’t a specific product they sell here it doesn’t click anything and the image isn’t very good either. Again this is not responsive. It hurts my eyes a bit. Let’s move on to one of them.

Okay so this one at least looks a little better

I don’t know if this is a stock photo or if someone Egypt Telemarketing Data took it but it’s at least a nice photo. There’s some nice text here all the images and all the typography these are what I like but what does this store sell I have no idea at least just look at the banner and when I click on it again it becomes very small. Nice photo but don’t tell me you were born to thrive on gut brain sleep. Oh they sell supplements. That’s not what I was thinking maybe they sell sunglasses or I don’t know funk boxes or something like that I don’t know. But I have to guess at this. Let’s take a look at high-quality glass lens filters. But again I don’t see the picture of the lens filter here the second one here.

Telemarketing Data

The banner has nothing at all

I think a lot of people have to just use default themes without Mexico Phone Number List doing anything to optimize them on mobile devices. I noticed there are a lot of pre-built themes that don’t have mobile banners uploaded separately. Or even if there are people won’t use them because they don’t know they are available. Okay, this is it. I think it’s better photography for everything they tell me it can do. This is why most people don’t read much. There are a lot of other things in this photo besides a towel and they have text on the image with text overlaid on the towel which I don’t like doing. If we look at this on a mobile device now our towel is smaller and it’s cropped off the sides and this thing has a little bit more text in the center for sure.

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