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Throughout its history that began in 1985, MPL has been serving its clients by offering personalize consultancy base on results, focuse on . A the organization . A of processes and the strategic vision of their businesses. About Advance IT Advance IT is a company specialize in infrastructure services (Oracle database and SQLServer) and . A development of information systems (Java, Oracle Forms/Reports/APEX, .NET, Business Intelligence . A and mobile applications). Founde in 2003, with about 80 employees.

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A client portfolio that excees 200 names (including some of the largest organizations in the South and Southeast regions), Advance IT has a qualifie staff . A of professionals, the best technology available in the segment and anĀ  organizational Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka direction base on the use of international quality programs for software . A development and infrastructure management.

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The advantages of outsourcing IT infrastructure management are many, with perhaps the most significant being simply peace BLB Directory of mind. That’s right, the . A peace of mind that comes from knowing . A that your mission-critical systems are . A properly service, protecte from damage, and constantly monitore is worth the . A price of admission. In this article, we are going to talk about it. You will see what are the benefits of working with IT infrastructure outsourcing and also what are the strongest reasons to adhere to this practice.


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