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Posted by April 3, 2023

The terminal server is similar to VDI technology or virtual desktops when server users are allocatejobs through the same thin client. However these methods of organization have significant differences. So when using VDI a virtual machine is createon the server for each client which allows users if they have the appropriate rights to install or remove programs. This entails both advantages and disadvantages in terms of administration. From an organizational point of view a virtual desktop requires the installation of an operating system and the necessary programs on each of the virtual machines createon the basis of the server. Terminal Server Architecture The terminal server requires the following components: Server. This is one multicore machine or a network of less powerful servers.

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The capacity of the server should be sufficient to ensure the operation of support services applications and software redundancy communication between terminals. When choosing power it is necessary to Cyprus Email List take into account the needs of all clients a margin in case of an increase in clients and an additional of the power to ensure the operation of the terminal server itself. Operating system. The most common and wellestablisheoption is Windows Server. A communication protocol to enable communication between the server and users. Ensures the receipt of information from the input devices of clients as well as the transfer from the server to the output devices.

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Different communication protocols are usefor different operating systems. Client applications that establish a connection between a client and a server. Terminal Server Licensing CAL is a license that is requireto organize BLB Directory the operation of the terminal server. Existing licenses can be divideinto types: per device when each thin client has a license but it is possible to connect different users from it; per user – one user can connect to the server using different devices; for the connection. How to choose a terminal server When choosing the main tasks functions and goals of creating a network should be identifiein order to determine the following parameters and characteristics.

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