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If you’re using andtags in your email code, you’re taking the most important steps toward using semantic HTML. Set table roles for the presentation. Until the new Outlook for Windows makes it into the mainstream, most of us will still be using tables to code email layouts. To make your email templates accessible, you’ll ne to define the roles of tables. The default purpose of the tag is to display data. When you use tables to build your layout, you ne to define them using role=presentation. It would look something like this: This ensures that screen readers understand the tables are being us to present text and visual content.

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Without role=presentation, the software would try to read the HTML, and it would sound like a jumbl mess to the subscriber. It’s worth noting that when you are using a table to show data, you business lead should leave role=presentation off those specific tables, as you still want them to be read as data. Hiding elements from screen readers aria (accessible rich internet applications) attributes is us in the world of web development to help label and define elements of a page. There are some aria labels that can be us to make emails more accessible, but you should use semantic html over aria labels when possible.

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The attribute aria-hidden=true is one that may be useful in coding an accessible experience. Email developers can use this to hide content from screen readers BLB Directory even though it is being display on the screen. For example, if you had text you want to be visible, but you want screen readers to skip it, you could add the attribute to thetag.screen readers will not read may want to hide certain elements such as collaps text thats attach to a menu or duplicate copy thats repeat in the design but you only want screen readers to read once.

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