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Suffers gender violence for years, developing what, for them, is their own equality policy. They also use the full potential of their social networks to launch messages of solidarity towards the victims, and the slogans they develop from different public and private initiatives. what about the children Although it is true that women are the direct victims of gender-base violence and those.

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Suffer aggression firsthand, they are not the only ones harme. According to data from the INTEGRA Foundation , in 63% of the cases Bulk SMS Lebanon of mothers who are mistreate, their children see the attacks. In reality, children are the most vulnerable victims of gender violence and who must be protecte in the same way as their mothers.

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According to the psychologist and expert in this type of violence, SofĂ­a Czalbowski, the minors who witness the interfamily BLB Directory conflict experience this as if they were in a warlike environment . Likewise, the expert maintains that, although the consequences are not normally visible at first, they may manifest themselves over the years, in adulthood.


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