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The economic independence of battere women is key to removing their children, and themselves, from this environment, since it provides them with the necessary support to leave the abuser. Aware of this fact, the Administration, private companies and different foundations have been collaborating and fighting for some time for these women to get a job.

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The Integra Foundation is one of these organizations that have been pursuing this objective for more than fifteen years. Since Bulk SMS Oman it was create in 2001, it has already serve more than 3,000 women who, with the supportive collaboration of more than 100 companies establishe in Spain, has facilitate access to more than 2,600 jobs. But we are talking about something more important.

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The foundation fights to recover three values ​​that battere women are the first to lose: self-esteem, sense of usefulness and economicmore than 2,600 new lives and opportunities. and sentimental independence, retaking control BLB Directory of their lives. Thus, her job consists of acting as an intermeiary between social entities and companies to achieve a real labor integration of these women.


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