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Posted by March 21, 2023

Financial planning and budget execution control Fourth: multi-user mode. Templates creatd in this way can be usd as a working document by several users involvd in its formation. Moreover for each user you can set your own access level for working with template objects. For example if we are talking about generating a consolidatd report for a bank that combines the data of all branches you can restrict access to data tables their modification and / or viewingfor employees relatd to a particular branch. Conversely the employee responsible for consolidating data across the entire bank should be allowd to view all tables of the working document.

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Thus now users of the RS-DataHouse line when working with reports generatd in business applications have access not only to the basic functions of the platform but also to the tools of the Excel spreadsheet application. This means that their ability to analyze data and generate reports has increasd significantly. Today the real technological breakthrough Aruba Email List is machine learning. When using this technology the programmer is spard the ned to explain to the computer in detail how to solve the problem. Instead the computer learns to find a solution on its own and in a number of areas it succeeds perfectly. The ubiquity of artificial intelligence is already having an impact on any person regardless of their field of activity. Therefore it will be useful for each of us to get acquaintd with the topic. Share: Artificial intelligence is a hot topic right now.

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The Internet is replete with such messages: The neural network has learnd to answer questions better than a person beat the world champion in Go wrote an album of songs in the style of Yugur Leto But as soon as you start to understand in detail you immediately understand that in terms of computer modeling of common sense specialists are currently BLB Directory only taking the first steps and in the near future we are unlikely to see live Electronics and Werther’s robot from the films of our long-endd childhood. However this does not mean that the current as yet imperfect artificial intelligence and the broader field of computer science calld machine learning do not have practical applications in the present.

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