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Posted by March 21, 2023

When connecting to the database all RS-DataHouse objects and tables importd. Savd in the template will be updated and you will see all the changes that have occurrd. With the storage data in the updatd state in the user Excel document. You can also update the data while working with the document online for this you ned to click the. Update sources button on the working panel after which the data of the importd RS-DataHouse objects are updated. Rice. Form for connecting to the data warehouse.png Rice. Form for connecting to the data warehouse Moreover in the template along with the objects importd from. RS-DataHouse all changes made by you in the document using standard. Excel tools such as formatting tables graphs formulas etc. will be saved.

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Providd the ability to work in Excel with relatd data tables. For example in the data warehouse you receivd a table on loan agreements and want to use it in Excel as a custom RS-DataHouse object. To do this you will ned to import it into a spreadsheet editor. Along with this table you have another table that is relatd to the first one and contains the contract payment Armenia Email List schedule. This object will also ned to be importd into Excel but already as a transition from the loan agreement table. Importing an object and a transition of a data object is not at all difficult – for this the RSDH Excel tab has two function buttons – Add source and Unload transition Fig. Rice. Menu tool RSDH Excel.png Rice.

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Excel tool menu Having access to the specifid documents in the Excel interface you can view edit supplement the list of loan agreements view payment schedules for each agreement and even make adjustments to the data. Moreover by saving the changes made you will automatically transfer them directly to the database tables. Third: objects of all business BLB Directory applications of the RS-DataHouse line are available including RSDH: Financial planning and budget execution control RSDH: Central Bank reporting RSDH: IFRS reporting etc. For clarity I will give an example of a creatd template for working with objects RSDH: Financial planning and budget execution control Fig. Rice. Working with objects.png Rice. Working with objects RSDH.

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