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Posted by March 22, 2023

In the future the discovery service periodically inquires from the microservice about its status and readiness to process requests. Before one microservice sends a request to another it will contact the discovery. Service which in turn will tell which microservice this request can be addressdby returning. IP address of either one microservice in this case the discovery service performs. The load balancer function or a list IP addresses of available microservices. When balancing is performdon the side of the microservice sending the request. Since one of the requirements for the develop micro service architecture was to provide asynchronous interaction between the system components the Active MQ message broker was chosen as the central connecting element. In fact it became the discovery service in our system.

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It is easy to make sure that the tasks assigndto the discovery service are solvdby it: At startup the microservice connects to queues publishdon Active MQ. Thus he actually reports that he is alive and ready to process Brazil Email List requests. One queue is usdby all microservices to send requests and the second one is usdto send responses to receivdrequests. Each instance of a microservice of a certain type subscribes to listen to the request queue and fetches messages addressdto the type of microservice to which it belongs. When sending requests the recipient is not a specific instance of the microservice but the type to which it belongs.

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Message routing is perform by the message broker basdon metadata passdin message headers containing information about the recipient and selectors that microservices set when connecting to request and response BLB Directory queues. I note an important fact: it is enough for a microservice to know only the location of the message broker and the name of the queues and the physical location of other microservices does not matter to it. The message broker also takes care of the load balancing function. Indedbalancing is done implicitly by the microservices themselves listening to the request queue. A request addressdto a group of microservices with a certain type takes from the queue the microservice that is currently the most efficient and has free resources to process requests.

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