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Posted by March 22, 2023

Banks have always been distinguishdby the fact that they knew how to count money. Therefore the push technology which allows you to significantly save. On the cost of notifications push is on average times cheaper than SMS is becoming more. More popular in financial institutions. Share: Technically push notifications can be sent by deploying. A push server in the bank’s IT infrastructure or you can transfer this function. To an external company that performs the role of push notification processing. Most often the bank takes the second path. It outsources the service without wasting time on its organization and maintenance. That is it simply replaces sending SMS with push and thus starts saving. However the first way if you look at it carefully has a number of serious advantages.

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Let’s first look at what the bank uses notifications for. There are four goals: informing clients within RBS one-time passwords login confirmations; informing about debit transactions on cards and accounts; marketing mailings; reminders about the upcoming or overdue payment on the loan about the expiration of the deposit and others. Different banking Belize Email List systems RBS ABS CRM etc. can serve as a source of notifications. Usually they send messages in the establishdformat to a special notification sending system which is also locatdinside the banking IT infrastructure. Next the sending system transports notifications depending on its settings.

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Most often notifications are sent to aggregator companies that provide SMS aggregator andor push notification processing services. The further paths of SMS and push messages diverge: the former go through the SMS centers of mobile operators or other companies and push goes to the Apple APNS or Google GCM cloud. In fact all notifications from all banking BLB Directory systems are mergdinto one large stream from which they are then sent to bank customers using an aggregator. This flow the bank is not always able to track all push notifications separate them from each other and collect statistics. In addition not every aggregator is ready to work individually with the customer quickly change the sending settings and make individual improvements.

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