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Posted by April 3, 2023

What picture will be displayeon the monitor. Do you neeremote access? The system requirements of video surveillance servers also depend on the amount of equipment. The more cameras the higher the requirements for RAM network card storage capacity. Thus a video server in hour recording mode with an archive capacity of up to a week and Full HD resolution will be sufficient with a data transfer rate of Mbps. This is taking into account that no more than cameras will be serve. A network card will be enough for Gb s data volume for TB and RAM for channels of GB each. In this case the processor must be at least Xeon Silver. GHz with cores for threads. For a large number of cameras over it is better to use servers already. At the same time each of them must have a minimum bandwidth of Mbps.

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It is better to install both network cards from Gb s RAID volume up to TB RAM for two channels GB. Processors are the same as above or better. Types of video servers Modern video servers use Fiji Email List open interfaces. This makes it easier to connect to new cameras or other devices. It is easier for specialists to develop their own software. These servers are easier to manage and personalize. In total there are types of this equipment: DVR; IP; NAS; cloudy. The difference between them is only in the form of data inputoutput interface. DVR DVR is an outdatetype of interface when in conjunction with a DVR a regular computer is useto display an image on a monitor.

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Such cameras are controllevia a PC. The signal is sent to the monitor and outputs a digital image. This type is slowly being replacebecause the equipment only works on old equipment. IP IP means direct BLB Directory access to a local network or the Internet. This type of server is only suitable for special IP cameras. In this case video equipment can be controlleremotely from any place where there is an Internet connection. Such cameras can have their own IP address memory speaker even a microphone for audio communication.

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