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Posted by April 3, 2023

Let’s go through its main characteristics and requirements and see how the server differs from the DVR. Main characteristics Before choosing a suitable video server you should carefully study what hardware is installe. To do this you should look at the following parameters: CPU; motherboard; RAM; HDD; power unit; LAN card. Some parameters may not be too high. It all depends on the number of cameras the streams in them what is the general and detaileresolution. It is also important to consider the storage time of the archivevideo. Baseon the storage you can organize an ftp server for remote access to video files. Among the processors the Intel Xeon family is best suite. The motherboard should be selectebaseon the following requirements: Corresponds to the selecteprocessor. It has enough RAM slots including for expansion.

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There is a requirenumber of seats for hard drives or storage systems RAM depends on the selectemotherboard. It must be at least DDR. The volume can vary from GB to TB. If you neespeeand frequent Estonia Email List use of the archive then it is better to use an SSD. You can install an HDD if you want to save money and the above options are not so important. The volume is selectedepending on the duration of storage and what RAID is useRAID RAID. At least power supplies are recommendewith sufficient power supply for the server. The network card is selectedepending on the number of transmittestreams from the cameras.

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The Internet connection line must meet the same requirements. The case must have adequate ventilation and a cooler as well as all the necessary slots for accessories. It is better to have an additional uninterruptible BLB Directory power supply system. System requirements The operating system is selectedepending on the installesoftware. You can install both Windows and Linux Mac OS and other common types. In addition you should pay attention to the following: As the camera regularly writes. What permission should be for the main and additional stream. How many days the archive is kept. Does the equipment have motion sensors.

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