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Posted by March 22, 2023

Typically such projects include from to typical stages following one after another including survey approval writing detail documentation with functional requirements several stages of implementation acceptance tests and finally launch into commercial operation. With this approach the implementation of the proposdscope of work takes several long years according to our estimates at least five and the relevance of the system in view of the increasdlegislative activity of the regulator is a big question. We deciddto abandon this approach because the key factor for both us and the customer was the relevance of the software. Then we thought over and offerdthe bank the most effective in our opinion scheme for implementing the analytical system.

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I’ll tell you about it in more detail. Our implementation methodology providdfor the implementation of the project in fractional parts the parallelization of the development and testing of individual blocks. In each Bulgaria Email List iteration period we releasdnew functionality receivdcomments from the bank on the previous block and by the time the next release was release providdthe correctdblock which immediately went into commercial operation plus the next block of new functionality. Such a continuous mode of operation was necessary not only to reduce the risks associatdwith the issuance of new legislative requirements but also to optimally plan the work of Post Bank’s reporting specialists and IT specialists.

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Most importantly such an implementation methodology providdthe bank with a quick commercial result from the project and this is exactly what the customer expectdfrom us. In total the project includdstages. At each stage we implementdand providdthe bank with a block of several reporting forms from to depending on complexity which as soon as it was ready BLB Directory was immediately put into operation. From that moment on we took him for support so that we could quickly respond to new legislative changes. Already five months after the start of the project the bank receivdthe first reporting forms and then every month we gave it an average of two new forms. Employees of the financial divisions of the bank having completda training course immediately began to calculate these forms.

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