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Posted by March 22, 2023

Looking ahead I note that we mangadom achieve all these goals. And in a fairly short time considering the enormous amount of work done. The main secret of success was the chosen technology of project management. But more about that later but for now I’ll tell you how it all began. Reasons for automation – the expect consolidation of the business and not only It was the upcoming consolidation of the business that became one of the key reasons why Post Bank at that time it was also calldLeto Bank Turandot our company. At that time the bank was on the verge of global transformations – numerous branches of the Russian Post locatdthroughout the country were to become divisions of the new financial giant – Post Bank. In this regard it was predict that the volume of transactions subject to accounting would increase many times over.

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In addition the bank was aware of the importance of timely submission of mandatory reporting therefore considerate automation of the process of preparing and issuing reports of the Central Bank a paramount task. It was no longer possible to cover the needs of a large credit institution with the help of the previously usdsolution of its Brunei Email List own design – the bank could not do without an industrial automation tool. But this was not the only reason for switching to a third-party vendor solution. An additional incentive was the tightening of requirements by the regulator the emergence of new legislative acts and an increase in the number of mandatory reports.

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If in the Bank of Russia issudonly one Instruction on the preparation of reports then in the first months of there were already six of them. In the regulator made changes to its Guidelines in – about. Bedson BLB Directory these and other factors Post Bank deciddto replace the system of its own development with our industrial system bison RS-Teahouse – RS-Teahouse: Reporting of the Central Bank. Project Know-How – Discrete Approach The project began with the planning stage and I think it was very important because it determinate order of the forthcoming work.

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