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Another way to harness the power of other. Curate great influencers is to curate their ideas around specific pain points. For example, if you have a podcast about weight loss, you could create an episode about the best ways to weight train. But instead of offering a few random tips of your own, collect tips from various celebrity trainers, athletes, and other influencers. This also works for B2B businesses. For example, Noah Kagan from AppSumo has a YouTube channel (also converted into a podcast) where he does something similar. He hasn’t made millions of dollars on YouTube yet, so he’s probably not the most qualified person to tell someone else how to do so. Instead, he introduces five businesses that make big money on YouTube and breaks down why they are successful. 

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Finally, if you have industry connections, you category email list  may be able to start a. Podcast with a co-host who already has some kind of following (Instagram, email list, etc.). You probably won’t be able to get people with a lot of followers, but this can give you a great launchpad. The important thing is to make it just as valuable to the next person. Then you may offer to do most of the work. For example, when the Marketing School podcast was born, one of the hosts had a lot more followers than the other hosts, so the host with fewer followers did much of the work, such as coming up with episode topics and publishing episodes. Suggested to do most of it. , write show notes.It is said that anyone can become an expert by reading five books. 

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  A good example of a podcast that accepts Blb Directory listener submissions is UUp? is. Podcast. During the episodes, listeners submit stories about the relationships they are in, and the hosts discuss the issues and try to advise the listeners on steps they should take. sauce Please note that neither host is a therapist, but acts as an objective third-party listener, similar to having drinks with a friend. So, regardless of your expertise, you can swipe through this format.These podcast topics should help you develop a solid strategy, but you may still have some additional questions. Here is the FAQ section to guide you in the right direction.

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