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The fish dies through the mouth 7 occasions in which Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an extraordinarily talkative man who likes to make big announcements that often fall flat. Perhaps because the CEO of Tesla never bites his tongue. He does not always comply with what he a priori announces with great fanfare. The South African businessman is particularly fond of the boneless on Twitter. Where he cannot help but share his occurrences (sometimes delirious) with his more than 100 million “followers.” Below we review 8 occasions in which good old Musk made true the famous Spanish saying (which he never dares to apply to himself) of “the fish dies through the mouth” :

Tesla Cybertruck

When Musk unveiled Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck in 2019, he top industry data promised that production of the vehicle would be quick and fast. Nothing could be further, however, from reality. The presentation of the Tesla van was postponed from 2021 to 2022 and later from 2022 to 2023. According to Musk, many changes have been made to the Cybertruck since the initial announcement of the project and that is why both the price and technical specifications of the vehicle will be substantially different.

Sale of real estate properties

In May 2020, Musk assured on Twitter BLB Directory that he was going to sell all his real estate properties and that he would. therefore, become “homeless.” Such a singular promise was accompanied by sharp criticism in relation to the large fortune of the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. When he published such a controversial tweet. Musk owned seven houses. Which he sold six for around $19.2 billion. Since June of last year. Musk has lived in a 400-square-meter home rented from the aerospace company SpaceX.

The future of marketing and online shopping according to Generation Z

Members of Generation Z are that customer, who everyone wants to reach, but is the great unknown of brands . These digital natives are considered to prioritize online shopping and sustainability, but how true is this? Rakuten Europe and Rakuten Insight Global have carried out research on the purchasing behavior and brand preferences of Generation Z , to finally answer what their true motivation for purchasing is for this group. Through an online survey carried out with 1,800 people between 16 and 25 years old, in Spain, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

They are considered the first digital natives

But what is Generation Z? This generation category email list is made up of people born between 1997 and 2012 . It is the generation that emerges after the Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and is before Generation Alpha, according to the Pew Research Center . Since they do not know a world without the Internet. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation , members of Gen Z, characterized by flexibility, have a greater social awareness than previous generations and focus on seven key issues : healthcare, mental health, higher education, safety economic, civic engagement, racial equality and the environment.

What motivates Gen Z to purchase?

It is important to understand BLB Directory what motivates this demographic. As they are beginning to become today’s consumers . The study carried out by Rakuten shows that. Contrary to popular belief. Physical purchases are increasingly important for this generation of young people. Furthermore, price. Quality and design are the main purchasing priorities ahead of sustainability and brand image. This generation considers that honesty is the primary value of a brand. As stated by 64% of those surveyed. This value is followed by interest (38%) and entertainment (33%). For their part. 54% of them consider that influencers are the ones who generate trends. Compared to 48% who consider that trends are established by brands.

Why the advertising industry should dig the grave of pitches

They are the norm in the advertising industry, but are pitches really absolutely essential? Born to recreate (without much success) real interactions between agencies and clients, “pitches” are in the eyes of many a holdover from the past whose expiration date has long expired. This is what Avi Dan believes, who in an article for Forbes denounces the colossal waste of time and money that “pitches” constitute. At the end of the day, he denounces, in 99.9% of cases, works born in the heat of a contest never see the light of day . And they don’t do it because the pitches are not real, they are speculative in nature and they rarely anchor truly authentic and valuable insights.

Do pitches make sense in the current economic environment?

The “pitches”, which last for many months industry email list and often involve the best creatives within the agencies, have extraordinarily prohibitive costs. In fact, the tender price can represent between 30% and 40% of the overall costs necessary to operate an agency. Needless to say, such figures are absolutely unaffordable in the current uncertain economic climate . It is also worth noting that pitches not only entail financial costs but also human costs. The enormous pressure that creatives must deal with in the “pitches” seriously undermines their mental health and contributes to the exodus of talent that is hampering agencies today , Dan emphasizes.

More conversations and fewer presentations to forge the relationship between agency and client

Even so, the most important thing when BLB Directory choosing one agency or another is whether or not it fits with the brands’ plans and if there is chemistry between one party and the other , Dan emphasizes. And the key to figuring out whether or not there is chemistry is for agencies and clients to socialize and invest time together. Sharing a coffee or a meal can be more enlightening than sharing a presentation (no matter how fabulous it may soon seem). It makes no sense for agencies to put up $500,000 or a million out of their own pockets to prove they know how to do something that can be verified in many other ways.

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However, this Get Exclusive study points out that  in order to make an impact, marketers should not forget to reach the action and speed of his racket. Things to consider when choosing colors for sports brands Understand the role of color in creating corporate identity After the importance, we thought it would be interesting to show the way colors are chosen in sports brands. Of course, there is no one right answer, otherwise all brands would choose the same colors. First, we will start by identifying and listing what our brand identifies with Consider some of the following key points: Ease of access to the form.

Get Exclusive Tiktok Research the Tendency and Excessive Focus

Speed Customize the form based on the type of event, public, and goals of the organization. tick boxes, drop-down category email list menus, option selections. Collect what is useful to the organization of data, but only important data: unnecessarily extending the form may cause the assistant to abandon the process. 3. Online registration: an essential tool for capacity management and access control Effective control of capacity and access in complex event organization scenarios Crucial.


The Marketing Platform is Based on a Unique Innovation

Arbitration, which is responsible for selecting the most relevant communications BLB Directory and the most suitable channels for each customer every day in a 100% automated way. By adopting responsible data practices, strong encryption methods, and transparent user consent mechanisms, we can unlock the full potential of IoT while protecting user privacy and building a trusted and sustainable IoT ecosystem.

Belén Coca will represent Spain among the presidents of the jury of the ADCE

Belén Coca the Art Directors Club of Europe has revealed the members of this year’s ADCE Awards Jury. Seven top-level international professionals will be the Presidents of the ADCE Awards 2022 Jury and Alexander Schill. President of the ADCE and Global Creative Director of Serviceplan Group will act as President of the entire jury. In total, 54 creative leaders from 20 European countries have been selected who will meet in Barcelona on November 30

New ADCE Awards award The Equal Star

The new special award, ADCE Equal top industry data Star, Therefore, has been created this year in recognition of works that promote inclusion. Therefore, gender equality, and the fight against all forms of discrimination and stereotypes. Like the Grand Prix and the rest of the grand prizes. The Equal Star will be awarded to a piece or campaign that stands out in any of the competition’s categories. The new award is inspired by the Equal Award created in 2017 by the Italian club ADCI together with the secretariat of the. Therefore, presidency of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the support of the Italian creative community.

About the Art Directors Club of Europe

The Art Directors Club of Europe advocates that only if we are a diverse. Therefore, connected and collaborative European creative community. Will we solve complex problems. The ADCE is the platform where the creative BLB Directory community comes together to interact and encourage. Therefore, explore, celebrate and promote creativity as a multi-solution approach. Therefore, the ADCE educates. Inspires and exchanges knowledge and experiences by taking advantage of the diversity of European creativity. Therefore, the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) is a non-profit association based in Barcelona. It is made up of 21 professional graphic design. Therefore, advertising clubs and associations from 20 European countries.

Product Industry Insider Connections Email List

Customer is God”. And now, in Product Industry response to a more conscious society, we started to value the human element and values and focus on providing solutions to social problems Program. It’s conscious marketing that asks how it can improve people’s lives through a company or a project, and what benefits it can bring to the community and society as a whole. Mindful marketing originated from mindfulness, a relaxation technique that encourages us to focus on the present moment and become aware of our emotions and thoughts.


Product Industry Throughout the History of Marketing

I used to spend a lot of time every day organizing and prioritizing important tasks. But guess what? My productivity has improved so industry email list much since I started using project management tools. Have you tried anything like this? He said sympathetically: “It’s nice to finally meet you.” How is your company doing? I hear you’ve been having communication problems. My team and I are experiencing the same thing and it’s very frustrating. We have now added customer management software.


Open Co-founder and Creative Partner Sebastián Marvin Added

The best thing about our job is the ad,” explains Open co-founder and creative partner BLB Directory Sebastián Marvin. The campaign celebrates and values the places where people spend or live the summer of their lives, “where you also belong and where you feel a part of it”, explains agency Contrapunto BBDO. Gonzalo Urriza, the campaign’s creative director, said, “For each of us, if he played, it would be like if he played near your home.

The Spain brand is the twelfth most valuable in the world and is 9% stronger

The Spain brand grows in value and is strengthened in a turbulent international environment , according to Nation Brands. It is expected to continue improving. The United States has the most valuable country brand, but loses a total of 2.3 billion euros as a result of the pandemic. For its part, China adds almost 1,000 million euros. Russia suffers the biggest drop in brand value due to the war situation in Ukraine.

Spain as a brand

Teresa de Lemus , who is the managing category email list director of Brand Finance Spain. Pointed out that “governments could perhaps collaborate by favoring investment in the brand of national companies already positioned internationally since they contribute to the perception of the Spain brand: Iberia, Acciona. Mapfre, Zara, Meliá, Tous, Telefónica, Iberdrola. The professional adds “but in addition to corporate brands. The Spain brand could also rely on city brands such as Malaga. Seville, Valencia or Madrid, to carry out joint actions that mutually strengthen their brands.”

The report also measures the “strength” of the nation brand

As for the nations with the strongest BLB Directory brands. Canada ranks first on the Nation Brands 2022 list. Obtains the title of the strongest national brand in the world. Followed by the United States. Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. To close the top 10 they are followed by France. The United Kingdom, Japan. Australia and Sweden. As for the Spain brand. The highlight is the growth of its brand strength. Which this year is experiencing considerable growth.

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Phone Stay Informed number list data protection: User privacy and data protection are increasingly important issues in social media marketing. This section highlights emerging trends in user privacy and data protection on social media and explores building trust, ensuring compliance and protecting users in marketing campaigns. This can be translated as “we choose to go to the moon in this decade, while There are other challenges, not because they are easy goals, but because they are difficult.


Stay Informed Virtual Events and Conferences

Social media platforms. No matter what position we hold in a company, our greatest top industry data virtue is knowing our own limitations and weaknesses and being able to admit them to others. Enhance your strengths. Great CEOs deeply understand their team’s strengths and help them realize their full potential. Likewise, he assigned positions and tasks to them based on their qualities and preferences. Align the team with the company mission.


Discovered Galactic or Spacex

As there is still a lot to be discovered and innovated in this sector. Apply moonshot thinking but actually, it helps people BLB Directory connect with other members of their team. Not only that, it helps create teams that enjoy working together on new projects. The result is a more productive company, but most importantly, a happier company.” For networking events: “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Anna from Gestión Fácil. For three years, we’ve been helping teams around the world become more productive and collaborative.

A sector that constantly evolves at the same level as the rest of digital media

The VII Outdoor Advertising Forum – DOOH took place with professionals from the advertising and marketing industry. The event was held in a hybrid format and, as has become common in recent years, it was extremely well received; with more than 800 people attending in person and more than 500 Internet users following it through the YouTube channel .

#DOOHForum: all speakers

Next it was the turn of Enrique industry email list Ocio. OOH director of GroupM. Therefore, who said that we had to look back to move forward. He acknowledged being amazed at how this sector has adapted and is innovating. Therefore, next her colleague Sonia Antolínez Galetti. Partner Innovation and Content at Mindshare. Offered two practical success stories in Automotive and Finance. Adolfo Fernández. General director of Madrid at Mediacom. Therefore, presented a pilot project that is being carried out with Coca Cola. Finally, and within this block. Raquel de Roque , Trading Director at Wavemaker. Told us about the importance of size. Therefore, how it has improved in the sector over the years.

Success story in which technology plays a primary role

For his part, Ricardo Pérez, Director of BLB Directory Marketing at JCDecaux, was accompanied by Elsa Fernández García. Therefore, media and Digital Marketing Lead at McDonald’s. Marta Fernández López -Media Manager at BBVA Business Spain. Pérez announced that the number of screens on the street has tripled. Is that the real revolution or is there something else? For her part. Therefore, marta Fernández told how her digital transformation has been. Her; and Elsa Fernández shared that the company’s KPI’s improved by 40% thanks to the combination of conventional and digital. Therefore, as a brand what we want is to generate values.

Scanner and pleasure seeker

Another way to harness the power of other Scanner and influencers is to curate their ideas around specific pain points. For example, if you have a podcast about weight loss, you could create an episode about the best ways to weight train. But instead of offering a few random tips of your own, collect tips from various celebrity trainers, athletes, and other influencers. This also works for B2B businesses. For example, Noah Kagan from AppSumo has a YouTube channel (also converted into a podcast) where he does something similar. He hasn’t made millions of dollars on YouTube yet, so he’s probably not the most qualified person to tell someone else how to do so. Instead, he introduces five businesses that make big money on YouTube and breaks down why they are successful.

Provide Scanner and practical advice

Rather than digesting the whole thing, they top industry data want to ruthlessly scan for nuggets of interesting information and be entertained in the process. This is the reality that online publishers deal with, so we disguise our nuggets of wisdom in approachable formats and clever analogies. But that doesn’t mean you should read it that way . If you publish online at all, you’ve probably seen someone leave a comment that clearly shows they don’t read or understand your content. It’s even more painful when someone writes a responsive post that clearly misses the whole point of the original article. It happens to all of us from time to time, but you don’t want to be one of these people consistently.

top industry data

Invite large caliber guests

On the other hand, if you casually understand everything Blb Directory you read, are you really learning anything new? The materials for gaining an edge in the insights department can be difficult to understand. In other words, when it comes to that particular subject, the writer is your boss, and it’s your job to fill in the gaps in expertise by reading closely. You do it by going beyond learning through instruction and developing true understanding through discovery . For example, you’re reading a challenging book full of great information, and you understand it well enough to realize that you do n’t understand everything.

Curate great content

Another way to harness the power of other. Curate great influencers is to curate their ideas around specific pain points. For example, if you have a podcast about weight loss, you could create an episode about the best ways to weight train. But instead of offering a few random tips of your own, collect tips from various celebrity trainers, athletes, and other influencers. This also works for B2B businesses. For example, Noah Kagan from AppSumo has a YouTube channel (also converted into a podcast) where he does something similar. He hasn’t made millions of dollars on YouTube yet, so he’s probably not the most qualified person to tell someone else how to do so. Instead, he introduces five businesses that make big money on YouTube and breaks down why they are successful. 

Orthotopic Curate great reading

Finally, if you have industry connections, you category email list  may be able to start a. Podcast with a co-host who already has some kind of following (Instagram, email list, etc.). You probably won’t be able to get people with a lot of followers, but this can give you a great launchpad. The important thing is to make it just as valuable to the next person. Then you may offer to do most of the work. For example, when the Marketing School podcast was born, one of the hosts had a lot more followers than the other hosts, so the host with fewer followers did much of the work, such as coming up with episode topics and publishing episodes. Suggested to do most of it. , write show notes.It is said that anyone can become an expert by reading five books. 

category email list

Submit a question

  A good example of a podcast that accepts Blb Directory listener submissions is UUp? is. Podcast. During the episodes, listeners submit stories about the relationships they are in, and the hosts discuss the issues and try to advise the listeners on steps they should take. sauce Please note that neither host is a therapist, but acts as an objective third-party listener, similar to having drinks with a friend. So, regardless of your expertise, you can swipe through this format.These podcast topics should help you develop a solid strategy, but you may still have some additional questions. Here is the FAQ section to guide you in the right direction.

Podcast Topics Listeners Love

If you have a unique experience you Podcast, Topics don’t need to have a lot of followers to.Make it a compelling story. For example, if you teach English in Japan, many people want to hear about your cultural experiences, hiring, finding a room, etc. The best way to distinguish yourself from, others on similar podcasts is to use your own personal. experiences people love getting advice from friends, and by using your own voice and story, you can build friendship loyalty and trust. The story you tell can be anything from an embarrassing. Story  about how you figured out a train to the time you. Accidentally confused two words that meant very different things.Interviewing other, experts is a great way to leverage their authority and audience to build your channel.

Record Podcast Topics your story

Although this is a solo episode, it’s easy  industry email list  to see how this format could be used throughout the show. (Good news, I couldn’t find an entire show that only does deconstruction, so take advantage of it!) Even if you don’t have an audience, you can do the teardown yourself without guests. You can also apply this to B2C brands. For example, if you have a beauty podcast, you could break down your friend’s skin care regime and talk about how you would change it and why.Everyone likes to see behind the scenes how something works, and teardowns are a great way to do it. An example of a teardown episode is from the eCommerce Marketing School. Host brings in e-commerce marketing experts who work with Shopify brands to generate up to  million in revenue. In the episode, she reveals what sites do to increase.

industry email list

Record the experiment

Some of the most popular podcast topics are Blb Directory everyday, people talking about exciting things they’ve done or tried. For example, you can try a different type of cuisine every week and report on it. For B2B marketers, recording experiments is a great way to attract high-level audiences. If you are a brand new content marketer and want to create a content marketing podcast, you can take the advice of one influencer and report your results. For example, you can try the content promotion tactics preached by content marketing influencers like Unhandly. Then report back on how it worked and what you would have done differently. Since we’re talking about content promotion that influencers use, you’re essentially borrowing their authority, so you don’t have to prove that you’re an expert.