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Posted by March 22, 2023

It is in these units that the Oracle optimizer measures the cost of a query. What we see in the Cost section of the query plan is the estimatdcost for the server to run that query. OLTP system optimization Load in OLTP systems Now let’s see what the load looks like in the OLTP system Fig. Imagine that you have a multiprocessor server in front of you capable of solving several tasks at the same time. The entire load on the diagram is displaydas a set of bricks – requests each of which runs for some time and takes for example one processor. Load in OLTP system As the number of simultaneously running processes grows each of them runs slower.

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The reason is that the server spends additional resources on switching between processes and besides this storage is usually a thinner place than processors. If such a brick wall reaches in height then the server will stand up – new processes will be queudif the system has the resources for this. Thus the global task of optimization is to postpone the moment Bermuda Email List of full server load as far as possible. To reduce the load we recommend choosing a number of identical processes that can be optimized. On our chart Fig. they are colordgreen. Selection of the same processes in order to optimize Let’s reduce these blocks by – times and see what happens Fig ricejpg Rice.

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Optimization result As you can see the server completdtheir execution earlier so it became possible to redistribute processes between processors. Thus not only did the total area of ​​the figure decrease the work done by the server but the maximum load decreasdby two conditional lines thus pushing back the critical moment of full server load. The BLB Directory mentiondtotal figure area approximately corresponds to such an important indicator of the AWR report as DB Time. In fact this is the total server uptime for the period of AWR report generation – The wall time or Estimated. For example if the report was issudin hour the number of processors in the system.

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