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Posted by March 22, 2023

A few years after the introduction of automatdsystems an organization may find itself in a situation where the equipment load is close to the maximum the performance of daily routine procedures has fallen as a result the question arose of buying more powerful hardware. Is it possible to delay this moment as much as possible? In most cases you can. Share: Every IT specialist involvdin infrastructure support knows that after several years of operation a system running on a database for example on an Oracle database loses performance. For example a request to the server which was originally executdin just one second began to process in or even seconds. At the same time quite often a performance report AWR report can indicate the normal functioning of the software.

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What to do Of course to identify such queries and optimize them. As you know ABS and data warehouse-basdsystems that is OLTP and OLAP systems use databases differently so they have different optimization techniques. Using the simplest graphs as an example we will tell you how they differ and basdon our own experience we will advise how Benin Email List to use the Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL Monitoring tools to find errors in design and code and through parallel execution partitioning and other techniques squeeze out from the equipment to the maximum of its capabilities. By following these recommendations you will be able to extend its life. Loading the server in the coordinate system First let’s imagine what the database server does when it processes a request.

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To do this we will build a graph where the axis is time and the Y-axis is the power or load of the server Fig. In reality the load consists of several components including the load of the processor memory BLB Directory and storage system but for simplicity in our case we will focus on some general load. Single request executdon the server Figure shows a single request. Its execution took some time and some server power so the physical meaning of our request is work. The volume of this work can be measurdin abstract conventional units.

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