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Posted by March 21, 2023

RUB billion Now the situation has changed: in the new automatd workplace of the KBR-N of the Bank of Russia electronic documents are receivd already with an electronic signature which guarantees the immutability and integrity of the document. However loopholes for the attacker still remaind on the side of the bank. Therefore it was more correct to ensure the entire life cycle of a document with an ES – from the moment it is enterd by the operator or receivd from an external system to uploading to the Central Bank. Of course in the case of transferring documents from system to system several such signatures can be collected. But the bank can be sure that nothing threatens the security of documents.

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At the moment most financial institutions have not implementd such a scheme for working with documents so the threat itself has not completely disappeared although it should be notd that security Angola Email List has become somewhat higher. In conclusion I would like to urge our customers not to put off adding new functionality to the last moment but to do it now – without haste and nerves. Schedule work for your IT specialists or contact our company activate the new service test it and then by time you will be completely ready to interact with the regulator according to the new rules. One more thing. It would not be superfluous to recall that in our modern and dynamically developing.

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World the technologies usd by hackers are also improving and in order to protect yourself from a slightly more sophisticatd option for withdrawing money from a correspondent account you ned to use ES throughout the entire life cycle of documents. Java programmers are well aware of one of its features: to use the code written in this language the presence BLB Directory of a platform the so-calld Java Runtime Environmentis always required. Due to the monolithic nature of the platform before Java any program containd a large number of unusd classes of the platform itself. Now the situation has changd – Java supports a modular architecture out of the box and the first place where it is usd is the Java Development Kit JDKpackages.

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