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Posted by March 21, 2023

The second option is to consider the possibility of acquiring another product of the company. The RS-Payments system for automating interbranch and interbank payments where the necessary functionality is also implemented. In this case the bank will be able to ensure. The transfer of documents from its own core banking system to the RS-Payments. System which implements the workplace of the user participating in the preparation of the UFEBS. ES transferrd to the Central Bank. In it a banking specialist will enter electronic messages generate security codes for them control the ES with the formation of authentication codes for them.

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The cryptolibrary not only implements the electronic signature ESprocessing logic but also provides an interface between the exportd functions and the functions providd by the cryptographic tool. The functions of the cryptosystem are implementd by the ACS Signature. It processes XML generates an ES checks it and is also responsible for Andorra Email List supporting key media and working with key certificates. The cryptolibrary has one more role – service. It provides support for local settings diagnoses errors and logs operations. Straightforward about security It’s no secret that the main reason for the changes in the regulation of electronic interaction between the bank and the regulator was the lack of security of documents.

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The previous scheme was not without loopholes which were readily usd by attackers. All the functionality for protecting the ES was locatd in the AWP of the KBR inside which all the functionality for applying the ES was concentrated and the documents for signing were deliverd in the form of text files. The attacker could put his text file in the input directory BLB Directory the KBR AWS signd it the money was debitd from the bank’s correspondent account in the Central Bank According to FinCERT from October to March using this scheme hackers managd to steal from Russian banks. About the crypto library The crypto library creatd by R-Style Softlab deserves special attention since it is the key element of the functionality implementd by the company to support the requirements of Bank of Russia Regulation No.

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