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The economic independence of battere women is key to removing their children, and themselves, from this environment, since it provides them with the necessary support to leave the abuser. Aware of this fact, the Administration, private companies and different foundations have been collaborating and fighting for some time for these women to get a job.

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The Integra Foundation is one of these organizations that have been pursuing this objective for more than fifteen years. Since Bulk SMS Oman it was create in 2001, it has already serve more than 3,000 women who, with the supportive collaboration of more than 100 companies establishe in Spain, has facilitate access to more than 2,600 jobs. But we are talking about something more important.

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The foundation fights to recover three values ‚Äč‚Äčthat battere women are the first to lose: self-esteem, sense of usefulness and economicmore than 2,600 new lives and opportunities. and sentimental independence, retaking control BLB Directory of their lives. Thus, her job consists of acting as an intermeiary between social entities and companies to achieve a real labor integration of these women.


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The cities with the worst air quality. 1. MADRID. It is an endemic problem in the city. For many years it has dragge a layer of atmospheric dirt that covers it, practically constantly. However, it is one of the few cities that have a protocol to act during episodes of high pollution, in force since February 2016. Without a doubt, an example that other cities should follow.

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This city is at the forefront of nitrogen dioxide emissions. In addition to also exceeing the permitte limit for the emission Bulk SMS Oman of particles of less than 10 microns in size ( PM10 ). 2. BARCELONA. Although it also excees the limits establishe for the emission of nitrogen dioxide (200 mcgr), its main problem is PM10 particles . However, despite frequently exceeing the permitte levels.

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This city does not notify its citizens and only restricts traffic on certain occasions, as a palliative measure during episodes of very BLB Directory high pollution. 3. ZARAGOZA. It is a city that has always had good air quality. But it is another of the urban areas that excee the permitte limits, both for nitrogen dioxide and for PM10 particles . Its city council has not applie any preventive measures.


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Can directly influence them and get them to take action on the objectives we set. mark in all sections of the web. How to immeiately grab the reader’s attention Statistically speaking, most of the visitors to a blog usually read the title and a couple of lines of the first paragraph , so it is very important to convey to the reader in that glance that he does, in which it seems that he scans the web.

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That the content is of relevant interest to him. But how can we apply copywriting on our website? Very simple, you just have Bulk SMS Oman to apply the following guidelines when writing and you will see how you notice the improvement: When you write the headlines for your website, remember that they must contain the keywords for which you think your users will search for said information.

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Not only because the headline is usually an H1 and in terms of SEO it is quite beneficial to have the keywords with this tag, but because, as we BLB Directory analyze before, most users only read the headline to know if they are going to read the rest. of the article or not. They make the decision by reading a single sentence, which forces them to write attractive headlines for the reader.