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Posted by March 22, 2023

Important technical features of such a structure are that the data is stordin. A decentralizdmanner and microservices themselves are responsible for integration processes. Such as the transformation of message formats instead of data buses. In addition there are no restrictions on the choice of technologies for the implementation of each microservice. Which allows you to choose the most appropriate solution to meet a specific business need. As a result banks are no longer dependent on a particular vendor.

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Since different microservices can be developdby different teams. Thanks to the independence of microservices information systems built on their basis can evolve in parts. In my opinion this very opportunity has become one of the main reasons. Why the ideas of building microservice systems have been adoptdby the IT departments of many banks. Modern credit organizations provide a wide range of services. Separate business units are responsible for different areas of activity in them each of which develops and releases new products to the market in accordance with its own plan. The point where all these divisions collide Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List together is internet banking. Perhaps you are familiar with the situation when a product is already ready to be releasdto the market through the Internet bank but you have to wait for the completion of the development carridout on the projects of relatddepartments.

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For example the functionality of payments and transfers cannot be updatduntil the corresponding release of the functionality of opening deposits is released. When using a microservice approach this situation is less common because many services are often completely isolatdfrom each other. And that means Choosing the path of development When BLB Directory I was starting to get acquaintdwith the philosophy of microservice architecture one of the first articles on this topic that caught my eye was the publication Monolith First by Martin Fowler┬╣. In it he says that he noticdsome patterns in stories about development teams using microservice architecture: In the vast majority of cases when an information system was built in a microservice architecture from scratch this enddin serious problems.

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