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Posted by March 22, 2023

Now you can specify which chart to display on the screen by default when calling the chart calculation functionality which charts are includdin the summary chart charts are canceldand which ones are not. Matching the execution of charts. In the new mechanism you can set up a full-fledgdmatching of charts with results displaydusing amounts and colors this option is especially in demand for repayment schedules. Matching can be done both by the type of debt and by the step of the operation. If necessary you can display the alignment in the master chart or hide it. Possibility to replace the main parameters of the chart during the calculation process. Add the corresponding setting to the registry and when the schedule is calculatda special additional panel will be displaydon the screen which displays the values ​​of the configurdschedule parameters calculatdfor a specific contract.

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The main parameters of this panel – the repayment period the date of the first payment the date of the last payment the amount for calculation the amount of payment – are edited. Make the necessary changes Bolivia Email List and recalculate the schedule. This is convenient in cases where in accordance with the banking business process some parameters must be changddirectly by the teller who as a rule has no access to the schedule settings. The ability to calculate the amount in the repayment schedule and in the repayment operation using one algorithm.

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This approach reduces to zero the probability of discrepancy between the amounts from the schedule and the amounts calculatdupon repayment. The mechanism for generating the graph continues to evolve. In the near future we plan to connect it with the operation of calculating the schedule. This will automatically generate a schedule after opening BLB Directory a contract or recalculate the repayment schedule after early repayment. Microservice architecture is a way of building an information system in which it appears as a complex of individual services. Each of these services is deploydindependently of the others and implements certain functionality of the common application.

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