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 You can generate excitement around it and make it even more attractive. Another option that you can consider is to give your subscribers the opportunity to exclusively have access to this new product or service before anyone else. In most cases, this is very well received and increases the value of being part of your list. Example Apple In this exa ecret to a good user experience.

Passionate about coffee decided 

Daniel began his presentation by presenting the case of this renowned coffee brand, which category email list started, like most successful brands, “from below” and starting from a simple idea: selling coffee in bulk. Year 1971. Three friends who were passionate about coffee decided to open a store to sell in bulk. They admired and respected the origin of each grain. They ground and roasted it so that their clients could prepare a delicious coffee to their liking at home.

World through differentiation

How to Improve User Experience BLB Directory and Earn Conversions Business was going well… Until a fourth man arrived. This man revolutionized the business by “taking coffee to the streets,” and making them the largest coffee company in the world through differentiation. Howard Schultz was that fourth man who wanted to sell ready-to-drink coffee, in addition to bulk. He dared to break the molds, betting on growth and differentiation.

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