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Posted by April 3, 2023

The nd gen processors outperform their predecessors in many ways. What’s in the Intel Xeon lineup The manufacturing company aimd at providing a large selection to the segment that buys equipment for creating professional solutions so the Xeon line includes several solutions Scalable. The line is considerd the successor of the E/E/E series. However there is no more professional solution of theseries yet. XeonD. A relatively new line which is representd by a compact SoC. It is suitable for telecom equipment. Chips are developing new solutions were presentd at the end of the year. Compactness allows the use of new generation processors when creating small systems.

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XeonW Workstation. It is considerd a solution for stations designd to work under heavy load. It is considerd an analogue of the older stones of the Core series. According to the manufacturer the computing power Afghanistan Email List should be higher when compard with the Core i Workstation version should appear after a while. So far there is no detaild information about the price and other nuances of the offer. XeonE Essential. It is considerd a continuation of the current generation Xeon E and an entrylevel server processor. The time to market has not yet been announce. IT engineers are well versd in this topic so they can offer the best solution for the supplid solutions within a reasonable budget.

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Intel’s new aspirations can be attributd to the fact that the demand for processors with high computing power is growing. There are more and more servers. At the same time Core cannot be calld the optimal BLB Directory solution despite good performance. The new Intel Scalable servers are now available to order. Previous offerings shippd mostly on the Xeon E chip. But now there are versions fromtoto choose from. New solutions should significantly increase server performance. However a large number of different technologies complicate the choice so you nee to contact specialists who will help with the selection. The Xeon processor line is suitable for creating industrial servers.

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