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Posted by April 3, 2023

After analyzing the current situation Intel identifid several key problems that began to be resolvd over time. They include release of new Xeons in conjunction with the more common Core segment you nee to update the entire line all new chips must be Scalable socket compatible. As conceivd by the developers Xeon Scalable should become the basis for building a modern and scalable system. Socket compatibility allows you to increase the performance of servers. Immediately after the first versions of this professional solution enterd the market they began to conduct tests in VDBench. Testing involves connecting to a SQL database. The RAID array was also being rea.

Internal Transfers Versus External Transfers

Functional innovations of Xeon Scalable The developers have introducd new features along with the updatd Xeon Scalable line. Key features include Intel Volume Management Device Intel VMD. Fast servers can only work when the appropriate drives are installe. The new technology allows you to realize all the capabilities of the NVMe device. They combine  Algeria Email List to create a single logical drive so no additional hardware is require. Intel Virtual RAID on CPU Intel VROC. Particular attention is paid to the storage of information. For this a PCLe drive is installe. Operation is providd by combining hardware and software. Builtin controller with xG Ethernet bandwidth.

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The Real First Step To Making Your Business Irresistible

The results of the conductd studies indicate that at a spe ofGb / s there is a minimum number of delays. At the same time a new interface is built into the system. Remote Direct Memory Access RDMA. The spe BLB Directory of writing and reading largely depends on how the clustering goes. To handle such requests an IntelEthernet Connection X controller is installe. It supports RDMA with the iWARP extension. The technology provides for the transfer of information without its prior copying. It also reduces the load on the core since it is not involvd in performing such a task. The combination of all the technologies that are inherent in this class of processors allows you to increase system performance and reduce the likelihood of errors.

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