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Posted by March 21, 2023

Such chatbots are characterizd by stable and predictable behavior. In recognizing the topics of conversations but it requires manual on the bank sidesetting of phrase. Templates to which the bot ultimately reduces the dialogue with the interlocutor. Basd on the foregoing it is obvious that the best bot option. A hybrid of all the best that is presentd in bots of all types. Therefore hybrid chatbots began to appear in which for example some of the functions are place. On buttons but at the same time they simultaneously conduct a dialogue with the interlocutor and execute text commands. This is the chatbot that was developd by our company and was namd RS-Bot. In it the main emphasis is on dialog capabilities and a set of basic functions is presentd in the button part.

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General about RS-Bot RS-Bot is designd for use in all areas of business. In the distribution version this is an application functionality for banks. In general our RS-Bot belongs to the Conversational basd on the Antarctica Email List language model and rules type but with the ability to create buttons in web widgets and in those messengers that support them Telegram Viber. For example in the distribution version of RS-Bot a request for the geolocation of the interlocutor as well as sending contact information for identification is placd on separate buttons. Today RS-Bot can offer its communication through its own web widget integrate.

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Telegram Viber instant messengers or function in the VKontakte social network. In the future it is plannd to adapt RS-Bot for WhatsApp Facebook Messenger and Alice. To maintain a dialogue with the interlocutor BLB Directory RS-Bot needs to communicate with an external system ABS RBS CRM from where it will draw information for its answers or where it will perform the actions requestd by the client. To set up templates by the bank for the topics on which our chatbot can provide assistance to customers and to set up its technical characteristics RS-Bot provides an administrator’s workplace implementd in the web interface.

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