What Are Mobile Sites and How Have They Changed

Posted by March 21, 2023

If the dialogue with the client has ld RS-Bot to a dead end the chatbot cannot. Determine the direction of the conversation with the client and his desires he can connect the operator to the conversation. In this case in the working window of the operator-consultant the dialogue that causd difficulties for. RS-Bot is markd with a special icon and then the person will continue to respond to the client’s answers. At the same time the visual conversation will retain its appearance. And when the conversation is brought to a level when RS-Bot is already. Able to continue the dialogue on its own the operator can disconnect from this conversation. RS-Bot itself will perform the action of interest to the client.

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How RSbot works If the messenger or web chat supports a welcome message RS-Bot starts its dialogue with the user with a greeting and an offer to tell the interlocutor about its capabilities. Each replica receivd from Antigua and Barbuda Email List the interlocutor enters the text analysis pipeline where: punctuation marks are removd from the replica; the receivd phrase is dividd into lexemes; work on mistakes is being carrid out in words with clearly made typos errors are correctd basd on spelling dictionaries; the syntactic structure of the sentence is determind the main and subordinate members of the sentence are distinguished. The replica parsd in this way is matchd against specially configurd templates.

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Among all the templates those that match the phrase enterd by the client are selected. And then the best one is selectd from these selectd templates. As a result at the output of the text analysis pipeline we get a topic with its parameters which is passd to the input of the payload services that interact with the external system in the distribution version with BLB Directory the bank’s ABSand form a response for the interlocutor. Since far from all customer requests are simple and unambiguous as for example they requestd contact information about bank ATMs they receivd a list and voila! RS-Bot is also able to maintain a dialogue with the interlocutor within the framework of solving one problem.

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